Are They Quality Exclusive Insurance Leads?

Posted by admin On July - 27 - 2012

exclusive insurance leads 

This question came into my survey recently and I thought it would make sense to address it for all of you reading my blog.

“Are they quality exclusive insurance leads?”

This question really got me thinking that people are seriously confused about what this website is for along with needing some major clarification on how the process works.

So let’s start out by getting very clear on one important issue…


This website does not, nor do any of my other sites generate exclusive insurance leads that I sell to other agents.  Again, I do NOT have exclusive insurance leads for sale.

I am a licensed insurance professional, just like you, who has been doing his own marketing online for insurance and other products since 2008.

I have spent well over $100,000 of my own and private client’s money testing, tweaking and refining systems to automatically generate leads for insurance by leveraging the internet.

During that time, I have meticulously documented what works and what doesn’t work.  And this website is the product of that documentation.

I’ve been approached by other insurance professionals asking me how I do what I do.  That’s why I put this site together.  It’s a way for me to show agents that want to create their own exclusive insurance leads, the path to achieving that goal.

Let me be even more clear.  All of the information along with the main products on this site are for people who want to do this for themselves.

This is NOT a done for you solution.  I do offer some technical set up services, but that is the extent of the done for you services we offer.

Now that we have that crystal clear, let’s talk about lead quality.

I think it makes sense to discuss how a lead becomes a quality lead in the first place…

The quality of an insurance lead is directly related to the process that you take that person through before having him or her take an action toward you to become a lead.

Let me explain that further.

The process you put in place to generate your leads will determine how quality they are!

I’ll go deeper here with an example.  The lead companies will put up a simple landing page that is all about saving money.  That’s the appeal they are making to people to fill out their form and become a lead.

It’s all about getting a quote and saving money.  There’s no education, no killing of objections, no development of a concept that attracts the right prospect and repels the garbage ones.

This will get a LOT of people to fill out a form, but it generates the lowest quality lead possible.  Then when you throw in the fact that it’s a shared lead, the quality of that insurance lead just dropped ten fold.

If you follow the processes that I teach, it’s about developing a system.  You start by creating a concept around the product that you want to sell.

This concept is a unique idea that promises to solve a major problem in the prospect’s life.

For example if you are selling indexed universal life insurance, then your concept could be:  how to get the upside potential of the market… without the downside risk!

That kind of concept only calls out to your prime prospect.  People who don’t have any money and don’t do any investing aren’t going to give a crap about that concept.

But the people that do… they will!

From your concept, you create an offer.  Your offer is what you are going to use to get people to take action and get into your marketing funnel.

Maybe you want to give away a book with appointment.  Perhaps you want them to request a video or consultation.

Whatever you choose is up to you.  The thing you have to keep in mind here is that it needs to be something that is appealing to the prospect and valuable.  It also needs to further the prospect toward meeting with you.

Once you have these two elements lined up, it’s about building a marketing funnel using web pages that have video, audio, and written content.  Along with an email auto responder system that you use to capture your exclusive insurance leads and email them to follow up.

Each step of your funnel needs to be designed to further educate your prospect about the benefits of the product you are selling.  It needs to kill an objection, and provide a way for the prospect to take the final action that you want him or her to take.

The reason you do this is because everyone is ready to buy at a different point in the process, you so need to make that available at any given point in your funnel.

I think it’s pretty easy for you to see at this point how a well crafted online funnel (or process) is what makes your lead a quality insurance lead.

You should also really know what you want to have out of a prospect before he or she meets with you.  Implement those elements into the steps of your funnel.  Only then will you be able to gather all of the potential information you want out of your prospect.

The more steps you put in place…  The more educated the person is… The more information he or she provides… the more quality your exclusive insurance leads are.

Because I’m showing you do it yourself solutions, the quality of the lead is directly determined by how good of a process you create by following my instructions.

What you also need to realize is that once you build your process, it isn’t done!

In my Agent’s Lead Machine Internet Marketing Mastery program, I teach the scientific methods of data tracking and optimization.

These are ways that you look at the online sales funnel you created and apply strategies to improve the performance of the system.

That’s the only way to truly succeed online…

If you look around this site, you can piece together the basics of creating a successful insurance lead funnel.

But if you want step by step instructions along with templates, help and advanced strategies that kick start your results…

Then you need to get my Agent’s Lead Machine Internet Marketing Mastery program.  It’s the fastest, easiest and most results certain way ever developed to build an insurance lead funnel that produces results.

You can get the details of this program and enroll by visiting the link below:

See my ALM program here



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