Life Insurance Sales – 1 Crucial Strategy To Close More Policies Today!

How would you like to increase your life insurance sales starting today?  Can you even imagine how much better your business and life would be if you could get an extra 3-5 sales a month with very little effort?

Listen, I know exactly how much of a difference a few life policies makes to your cash flow and attitude each month because I’m a licensed insurance professional just like you.

I started out in this business scratching and clawing my way to success through countless hours of cold calling and networking during my first few years.  But as you know, that’s no long term way to succeed in this business and I got burnt out pretty quickly.

That sent me on a quest to discover ways to market my business better, with more efficiency and less effort on my part.

And I have a secret that I can’t keep in the bag any longer…

I found a way to increase my life insurance sales that is so ridiculously simple (and effective) that it can be implemented into any agent or advisor’s office immediately and start to produce results!

So you need to pay real close attention to this entire article as it could quite literally change your business and life for the better.

Here’s my “hidden in plain sight” life insurance sales strategy:

Find the money!

Look, it’s no secret that times are tough for people right now and if you’ve been in business for any period of time, you know that the vast majority of clients you meet with look at life insurance as an extra expense.  Usually one that is not highly valued and dropped when money is tight…

Which is why now it’s more important than ever to make yourself invaluable to your clients.  How you can do that is by helping them to locate inefficiencies in the way they spend their current income.

What I mean by inefficiencies is areas that you can help them to save money and then reposition those savings toward a life insurance policy with you.

This isn’t an entirely new concept, but very few agents and advisors know about it or use it, and many that do use it can do so more effectively.  So what I am going to do is give you a list of ways that you can easily help your clients save money on common expenses that could pay for all or part of a life insurance policy.

1) Other insurance – this one is pretty obvious, especially if you are a multi-line agent.  If you are life only, you’ll want to develop a partnership with a multi-line agent that can help you with other insurance lines.

A couple areas that get overlooked that you want to dig into-

A) Work life insurance – I’ve found so many people paying $50 or more a month on an increasing basis for $100,000 or less of group term.  It’s not a hard sale to convince your client to drop that coverage and get $250,000 or more for the same price.

B) Unnecessary riders on other life, LTC, or health policies.  Oftentimes you can cut out $20 or more on existing policies doing this.

2) Consolidating debts – it’s a bit more difficult to do this in the current economy and with the changes to credit approval, but it’s always worth a shot.

3) Refinancing mortgage or car loans – also a bit more difficult right now, I had the most success rolling car loans into a home equity loan or line of credit.  Your client will love the lower payments and tax breaks.

Integrating this system into your fact finding and presentation process will significantly increase your life insurance sales.  It will also allow you to write bigger premiums and maintain a high persistency ratio with the policies you write.

Here’s how you get more people in front of you so that you can utilize this method:

I’ve mastered a marketing system that leverages the internet to create exclusive, qualified, life insurance leads on total autopilot.  What I’ve done is put together a free video that reveals the #1 secret that makes this online insurance marketing system work.

You can get this video right now by just clicking the button below:

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To learn more about Life Insurance Marketing, go here – Life Insurance Marketing
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