Highly Effective Life Insurance Marketing Plan

If you make your living selling life insurance, a life insurance marketing plan is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, you will fail. With the right plan, you will be able to consistently attract leads and turn them into customers. Thereby, you will become richer.

You can increase your income drastically within a few weeks if you craft an effective life insurance marketing plan, set your goal and work on it. You will not fail if you work on it and improvise with the goal in your mind. With that said, I’m about to reveal to you a very powerful life insurance marketing plan to generate consistent leads for your business.

Here is a life insurance marketing plan you can use immediately to generate consistent leads for your business…

1. Give away a free seminar – Giving away a free seminar to the problem your prospects are facing is very effective way to generate leads on a consistent basis. Make a seminar on Saving XXX on Tax This Year and invite them all to a free seminar. Publish the ad in the local newspaper.

Give them away a free lunch during the seminar and explain them the benefits of buying life insurance. Also discuss other methods which they can implement on saving tax. By giving away this information for free, you will make them indebted. They will feel a need to reciprocate. And if you present them with the right offer, you will always convert them to buyers.


  • Extremely effective method for generating leads.
  • Will keep on working as long as there are people who have to pay tax and need life insurance


  • Investment in form of advertisement, free lunch and seminar halls.
  • You need to be skilled at public speaking for you to be able to pull it off.

2. Pay Per Call Marketing – There is a virtually untapped effective way to generate life insurance leads. It’s pay per call marketing. There are networks that contain thousands of publishers who constantly reach your target audience. Imagine you place your ad on these networks and your prospects see it.

They will be certainly interested and will try to contact you. Unlike other forms of internet advertising, pay per call marketing doesn’t involve high risk factors. You only need to pay the networks if you a prospect call you. And they also ensure that the prospects are always targeted.


  • Effective way to generate leads.
  • Works extremely well if you can handle calls and convert them to sales.


  • You might need a toll free number.
  • Choosing the right network can be a problem.

These are two effective systems you can implement into your life insurance marketing plan and transform your business fast. This has worked for many people and it can work for you too. I encourage you to go out there and use it!

As you can see, insurance marketing doesn’t have to be extremely difficult.  In fact, it’s easier than ever before if you use the power of the internet.

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