Life Insurance Marketing Has Changed Forever…

Today I felt compelled to write about the current state of insurance marketing in general, with an emphasis on life insurance marketing.

When I started in the insurance business (way back in 2003), things were still similar to how they were 20 – 30 years before my time.

All you needed to do to attract all the client you needed was:

1) Get a good location for you office

2) Set up a few centers of influence

3) Make some cold calls

4) Send a few mailers each month

5) Ask for referrals from the people you write

That formula allowed me to add over 300 households per year to my book from ’03-’06.

Fast forward to 2010 and those tried and true methods still work…to a certain degree.  But they simply will not give you the growth that you need to appease the higher ups or provide the income that you want.

What makes it even worse is that people are so much less loyal these days, the amount of time people stay with you shortens every year!

That’s a recipe for insurance agency disaster if I’ve ever seen one.

I speak with agents and advisors all over the country every day.  The overwhelming majority of them know that the answers to these problems are found on the internet.

But they are afraid…

Afraid that it’s too time consuming.

Afraid that it’s too expensive.

Afraid that it’s too complicated.

Afraid of compliance.

I understand this completely as I have walked in your shoes.  Nothing is scarier than the unknown!

That’s why I put together the Agent’s Lead Machine websites.  They are the most complete lead generating websites available to the single agent around.  There is nothing else like it.

For the last month, I’ve been testing and tweaking the websites to improve the look, feel, and effectiveness of them.  We’re on the verge of significantly lowering the cost per lead acquisition and the amount of leads generated.

The sites have been updated to be even more robust with more ways to automatically turn prospects into leads.

And they are as close to being 100% hands free as they possibly can be!  All you have to do is manage the marketing, which is the most fun and easy part.

Be on the lookout for an email coming up in 2 weeks for a special re-launch of the sites with this new and improved look.  I’ll be running a promotion to give away 1 site completely free…so if you’ve wanted to get going without any money on site development, this will be an awesome opportunity.

Let me know if you have any questions.

To learn more about Life Insurance Marketing, go here – Life Insurance Marketing
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