Life Insurance Leads For Agents – A Ninja Trick To Get Mass Referrals!

Are you a life insurance sales professional who would like to have a steady stream of referred leads pouring into your office week in and week out?  Would you like to know how to do this without spending an arm and a leg?

Good, you are just like every other insurance sales person!  And I want you to know that you are in the right place to find the answers that you are looking for.

In this article, I’m going to reveal to you a super secret ninja trick to gather mass referrals of life insurance leads on a consistent basis.  I guarantee that you have never heard of anyone else using this strategy before and that you can accomplish it with very little out of pocket expense.

And this method is so effective, it works like a charm!

There’s a few things that you will absolutely need in order to pull off this strategy:

1) A website.

2) Testimonials from happy clients you’ve helped with life insurance.

3) A list of your 20-30 best clients that would be willing to be your advocates.

Here’s the steps you need to go through to pull this off:

a) Set up your website as a basic landing page with a video sales message on it (The technical aspects of setting up the site and creating the video are outside the scope of this article).

Have your testimonials in an orderly fashion placed on your website.  Include your phone number and a webform so people can take action toward you after watching the video.

b) Personally call your list of 20-30 top clients. First off tell them “thank you” for being a client and being an advocate for your office over the years.

Inform your clients that you are starting a new “Client of The Year” program and they have been pre-qualified as one of the 20 or 30 (or whatever number you chose to call) clients who are eligible for the award.

Tell them that in order to pick a winner, you are going to run a contest for the remainder of the year.  All they have to do is send an email to their friends, family, and co-workers talking about their experience working with you and include a link to your website that you will send them.

The person who has the most people who contact you will receive a prize.  The prize that you choose is up to you, but I’ve found that you don’t want to skimp here.  Electronics or gift cards tend to work very well for these types of contests.

I would suggest that you offer a “Client of the Year Package” that includes a night out on the town for two (dinner gift card & 2 movie tickets) along with something like an iPod or a $250 Target gift card.

This will get people’s attention and have them really working for you.  Think about it this way.  Let’s assume that you contact 20 clients and over the course of the year, they each average 10 referrals to you.

You would have spent around $300 for 200 referred leads!!  The same amount of non-referred internet leads would cost you upwards of $4000!

c) Set up a tracking link for each client.  Once you have talked to your client, send them an email thanking them for participating and include a tracking link to your website that they can use.

This will allow you to easily keep tabs on how many referrals you got from each client.  Make sure to send an email out to all the clients participating on a monthly basis with the referral totals.  Doing so will keep them motivated and create some friendly competition at the same time!

I guarantee you that if you pull this insurance marketing tactic off, you’ll easily pull in more life insurance leads and other insurance leads than you know what to do with…

Here’s what you do if you don’t have the time or experience to build the website portion of this strategy:

I’ve put together several products and services that can help you in this area.  All you have to do is visit this page:  Click here

My team of professionals can help you with every step of the process – whatever you need done!

To learn more about Life Insurance Marketing, go here – Life Insurance Marketing
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