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I’ve been getting a considerable amount of requests from people who want direct, one on one help with getting their online insurance marketing systems set up and running.

Also people have been asking quite a bit for one on one time just to get questions answered or to clarify certain points…

Now it’s simply not feasible for me to provide this type of insurance training for everyone who asks.  There’s just not enough time in the day to accommodate all the requests, not to mention the fact that I have multiple businesses that I’m running at a time.

But I want you to know that I’m really in this to help you and can truly deliver on the promises I make.  So what I’ve decided to do is open up an ongoing contest on this page.

It’s a contest where I will be giving away free one on one  insurance training and coaching to three lucky individuals each and every month.  I’ll take you by the hand and help you get all your questions answered and guide you in the right direction for getting your online prospecting and marketing systems in place.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

1) A full one hour coaching session with me personally.  I’ll record the call on my conference line and send a copy of it to you.  If you’d like to see what these calls are like, you can listen in on a call with my client Justin West below:

Justin West Coaching Call

There’s no agenda to this call, well that is at least one set by me.  It’s all about meeting you where you are in your online insurance marketing and helping you get to where you want to be.

Just so you know, I normally charge $297 for these coaching calls, so you are getting a steal having it for free!

2) I’ll do a complete review of your website.  Prior to our call, I will go through your site and give you all the recommendations I have to improve and optimize what you are doing.  That will allow you to drastically increase the leads you generate from your site.

For this type of complete site review, I charge $97, so again you are getting incredible value at no charge to you!

3) You’ll get an incredibly cool bonus that I can’t publish here.  Seriously, this part of package is so good, you’ll flip your gourd.  However, I can only let the three people who make it in to this know about it or I’ll have a lot of upset people contacting me and I can’t have that.

Plus, I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations for everyone who visits my site 🙂

Now obviously because of all the value I’m providing with this free insurance training package, if you want to take advantage of it, you are going to have to do some work to be able to qualify for it.

There’s a couple of reasons I do this…

First, I’ve found that if people don’t have to sacrifice something, whether that’s time, effort or money in exchange for a service, then they don’t value it and never take action on it.

Second, since I’m not asking you to fork over any money for this, it has to be something that takes a little time and effort.

Alright, so with that out of the way, here’s how you can qualify for this free insurance training and coaching package:

1) The first thing you need to do is visit five different pages on this site and click the Facebook like button at the top of the page.

2) After you do that, come back to this page and go down to the Facebook comments below.  In the comments section, answer the following questions:

– What is the biggest problem in your business that you are desperate to solve?

– What do you think is preventing you from solving that problem?

– What exactly are you looking to gain out of getting insurance training from me personally?

– What are your apprehensions about marketing for insurance online?

– Why should I choose you over everyone else who wants my time?

I will be checking to make sure that anyone who participates in this contest has fully completed all of these requirements.  Only those that do so will be eligible for my time.

I’ll pick the three people that I feel have given the most honest answers to those questions above and will contact them through Facebook to discuss moving forward.

Just so you know, once you qualify for this, you will NOT be able to get it again.  It’s a one time only thing.  However if you attempt to qualify and don’t make it in the first time, you can continue to re-apply each month until you do!

I think you can see that this is a great opportunity for you to get started (or enhance your existing) online insurance marketing.  It’s really easy to enter the contest, so go ahead and do that right now, while it’s fresh on your mind!

I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.

To learn more about Life Insurance Marketing, go here – Life Insurance Marketing
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