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Below you will find a transcript from a jump start coaching call I did with my client Mike Sojka – he’s an agent in Iowa.

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Jason:  All right.  Okay, well, I’ll get you that stuff, you know, after the call here today then, Mike.

I got your questionnaire back and it said that, you know, on this call you wanted to discuss automating a website to create your online insurance sales leads?

Mike:  Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m looking to do or how to get started in that.

Jason:  Okay.  Well, why don’t you expand on that a little bit for me, let me know kind of where you’re at right now and where you want to get to and then I’ll help guide you down that path.

Mike:  Well, I’m trying to, I’ve got a good, successful P&C business, but I want to try and generate more life leads.

Jason:  Okay.

Mike:  And it’s tougher, it’s kind of tough to get them from some of your P&C clients, they don’t look at you as a life agent.  And I’m just looking for different ways or different avenues, or getting my name out there through, you know, on the internet, best way to get lead generation for life insurance sales.

Jason:  Okay.  Okay.

Mike:  And we have a company website, but that’s pretty generic, so that doesn’t really do me any good.  So it’s kind of what I’m looking to, try to expand my business that way, how to do it.

Jason:  Okay.  All right.  So that brought up a couple questions in my mind right away for you.  So the first one is with your company insurance websites, is that something that you had custom built for you is it something that your home office put together?

Mike:   Basically something our home office put together.

Jason:  Okay.  Okay.  All right.  Now, then the second question is, with your existing clients, your P&C people, what kind of system do you have in place to make them aware that you sell life and get them interested in what you have to offer?

Mike:  Basically, I guess when I meet with them, I tell them, you know, I do also have a life insurance background, I’ve sold it in the past.  You know, when can I, a good time to meet with them, and it’s typically hard to get a commitment.  I’ll send out emails under my name it says, “We also sell life insurance, please let me know how I can help.”  So I haven’t, I guess I can do better, but I was trying to figure out a way to generate more, I guess, floods of leads doing it.

Jason:  Sure.  Sure.

Mike:  On the internet.

Jason:  Well, the reason I ask about that first is actually, that’s where, and you’ve got a unique advantage with having your P&C book of business.  If you look at sales studies, the Brooks Institute puts out a lot of them, and they show that you have a 1 in 16 chance of doing business with somebody that has met you for the first time.  But you have a 1 in 2 chance of selling something else to somebody who’s already bought from you.

So when you’re getting started with something like this, your best bet is to actually put something in place and start marketing to your existing clients first before you go out to that new blood.

Mike:  Okay.

Jason:  Does that make sense?

Mike:  I need a good way to do that, is what I guess.

Jason:  Sure.  Cool.  So, I mean, and the nice thing is you can actually, you can actually use the same online insurance sales leads system to get your existing book of business interested in leads, or in life insurance, excuse me, and you can also send traffic into that same funnel from different sources and get cold people to become leads and interested in meeting with you as well.

So it’s not like you have to have two separate things, you can pull double duty on it, but what you’d want to do is put it in place and really test it with your P&C book of business first, and then you start rolling out, you know, sending traffic into it and actually spending money on marketing.  Because you don’t have to spend any money to market to your existing book of business either, which gives you a huge advantage, too.

Mike:  Yeah, right.

Jason:  So now, which kind of leads me to the second point.  You had mentioned that you kind of just tell people that you sell life insurance, I mean, is that really kind of the messaging that you’re using with people or are you taking the products and conceptualizing them in any kind of way that would get people more intrigued?

Mike:  I’m starting to, in the past, no, I haven’t done that very well, and I’m just starting to get to the point where I just want to expand my life business, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to do that, so, in the past, no, I haven’t done a very good job at that.

Jason:  Okay.

Mike:  So I’m looking for a way to get people interested in it, in my book or whoever.

Jason:  Yeah.  And that’s absolutely the key with life insurance.  Because, you know, when you use the words life insurance, it just puts almost everybody off.  Nobody’s interested in life insurance.  But what they are interested in, is they’re interested in unique ideas that solve major problems in their life.

So what you got to really do is develop a concept around the product that you most want to promote because you can’t use the same concept for all of them, it just doesn’t work.  But let’s say, you know, you wanted to go after whole life insurance, you know, you’d want to develop a concept around whole life insurance that really kind of speaks to a major problem in their life, and you position it that way.

And so everything that you build in your online insurance sales leads funnel, your emails, your copy on your web page, any videos you put together, that’s all part of this system to get them to meeting with you about that, it all has to be built around that concept.  Because that’s what’s going to get people interested, that’s what’s going to get people to take action and come meet with you about it.

Mike:  Okay.

Jason:  And I see that being like the big disconnect that you’re having right now.  What do you think about that?

Mike:  I would agree with that.

Jason:  Okay.  Okay.  So really, the first step for you is figuring out how you can conceptualize, you know, the product that you want to sell.  Now, do you have a pen and paper handy or are you sitting in front of your computer right now?

Mike:  Yes, I am, both.

Jason:  Okay.  Type in

Mike:  All right.

Jason:  So let me know when you get there.

Mike:  Okay.  I’m there.

Jason:  All right.  So this is a page that I’m using for generating whole life insurance sales leads.  And so this is a really good example of how you can conceptualize the product and really tie it into a pain that’s in their lives.  Because you know, what I’m doing here is I built this website right after the Occupy Wall Street movement really kind of started getting some cred toward the end of last year.  And, I mean, there’s just so many people out there right now that are disenfranchised with the traditional ways of building wealth, they’re mad at Wall Street, they’ve got money problems, right?  That’s a big problem in their life.

So what I’m doing is tying into these current events here and really positioning life insurance against traditional investment methods, particularly stuff on Wall Street.  The concept they came up with was “The Great American Swindle.”  And then I go on through this video, it’s about a 25-minute long video, but I did a whole bunch of research and I found all these quotes and data from reputable sources, I mean, all those things in the upper right-hand corner, I pulled information from all those different sources and put it into this message, where I basically show people how the Great American Swindle is the 401K.  And that it was really promoted by greedy corporate CEOs and Wall Street, and it’s not in the best interests of people to invest in that.  And then I show whole life, or I show cash value life insurance as being an alternative to that.  And that’s it.

But you see how this is something that’s really going to pull, it really pulls a lot more people in, I mean, you’ll see we’ve got 1,025 likes on Facebook, there’s 106 comments on the video.  You know, and I’m not really pushing this website real heavy, most of that’s all from organic traffic that it picked up just because of the topic.

Mike:  Okay.

Jason:  So I show you that so you can get an idea of how you can conceptualize those kind of things.  Does that makes sense?

Mike:  Yeah, it makes total sense.

Jason:  So what life insurance product were you wanting to promote mostly?

Mike:  Primarily the whole life or index, universal life, something in the whole life category.

Jason:  Okay.  Okay.  Well, I’m going to show you other examples of concepts you can use, you can kind of piggyback on the infinite banking concept, you know, you can kind of piggyback on some of the things that the insurance mavericks are doing with the 101 blueprint.  Those are some different ways that you can kind of conceptualize that.  You just want to put your own little twist on it so you’re not using somebody else’s thing, but, you know, that’s a real good way to get a head start on that.

Mike:  Okay.  I guess my question would be next is, I guess, how, where do you start with a website?  I mean, that’s kind of what I’m, obviously my, the company page would not be effective for that kind of thing.

Jason:  Correct.  Correct.  So the first thing you’re going to want to do after you get your concept developed, is you actually want to develop your offer.  And in your case, the offer is going to be what you’re trying to, the action you’re trying to get them to take.  So what are you offering to them to meet with you?  I wouldn’t necessarily go with, you know, an appointment or a consultation or anything like that.  You might want to try to really put some twist on that and make it sound a lot more than something like that.  You know, like the mavs, what they were doing is a 101 plan blueprint, you know, get your customized 101 plan blueprint, that was their offer.

Maybe you want to take people down a longer sales process.  You know, I see a lot of people, and we’ve tested this where, you know, we offer them a copy of Patrick Kelly’s Tax Free Retirement book.  You know?  And you just get them to opt in to get the book and then you take them down a different funnel.

So you got to kind of decide what direction you want to go.  Do you want to be a little bit more softer and move them step by step closer to the appointment?  Or do you want to try going straight to the appointment?

Mike:  Okay.

Jason:  You’re going to have a little bit different strategy in what you do on your website and what you’re doing in your sales presentation, depending on what your offer is going to be.

Mike:  Okay.  Yeah, something, I haven’t put it down yet how exactly I want to do this, but yeah, something I have to consider here.

Jason:  Yeah, so I mean, that’s, I’m just trying to take you down the thought processes that you have to go through and the steps in which you want to create things.  You’re actually kind of doing it backwards.  So you really want to work from your end goal in mind, and so you’ll develop your offer, then once you have your offer and your concept down, then you’re going to want to decide, “Okay, well, what kind of medium do I want to present this in?”  Do I want to give people a video, do I want to put it into a report format?  Do I want to make it into a white paper?  Maybe it’s just a blog post.”  So, I mean, there’s a lot of different options you could do, you could make it an audio file and call it a podcast.  I mean, there’s a lot of different ways you can deliver that message to people.

But once you have that down, then you just put your presentation together and you put it in that format and then you build your website around how you’re going to deliver that content to people.

Mike:  Okay.

Jason:  And that’s really it.  In its most basic form.

Mike:  Okay.  Sounds good.

Jason:  So where you want to spend most of your time is really kind of developing that concept, and you know, I would probably come up with two or three different concepts and test them out with people.  The more pre-work that you can do before you put stuff online, the higher the probability you’re going to have of success when you do launch it.

Mike:  Okay.

Jason:  So, you know, poke your head around forums, check out news sites, you know, see what people are saying, and that could actually even help you develop your concept, too.  I mean, you know, that’s where I got, you know, the Great American Swindle by the Shameless Two-Faced SOBs on Wall Street, I mean, you know, I was looking around some forums and people were talking about the shameless two-faced SOBs on Wall Street.  You know, you don’t have to develop a whole lot of stuff if you, you know, research and poking around.

Mike:  Okay.  That’s something I’ll get to work on.

Jason:  You know, when you’re starting from the ground up, you know, you’re probably looking at, you know, maybe like a week to two weeks of research and putting stuff together.  But, you know, once you have that stuff there, I mean, the implementation phase, where you turn your work into a website and video and stuff like that, it goes really quickly.

Mike:  Okay.  Good, yeah.  I know what my end goal is, and I just needed to figure out how to get there.

Jason:  Yeah.  Yeah.  So, I mean, what I would do in your case, I mean, once you got everything worked out in terms of how you’re going to do it, the first thing that I would do is readjust your presentation that you’re using with your P&C people when you’re meeting with them and kind of segue into your life conversation, where you start using the concept that you developed.  And you can probably even intrigue them enough there where you could actually talk about it further right in that appointment, but if you can’t, what you can do is tell them, “Hey, look, I put this video up online,” or “I’ve got this report online, what I’d like to do is just send you a quick email, and then follow up with you on it.”  You know, and then you can put them into a sequence where you, you know, you market it to them automatically via email and you send them into that website and let it turn them into an appointment for you.

Mike:  Okay.

Jason:  Then from there, then you can start exploring different traffic sources.  So, you know, if you want to try moving people from Facebook over there or some of the other different sources that we show you.  In the training program that you have access to, I’ve got seven different traffic sources that you can use to send people into that funnel.  And so once you have it built and it’s working, all you got to do is just start putting people into the top, into that funnel, and your insurance sales leads system will spit out appointments out of the back end of it.

Mike:  Okay.  Good.  That’s kind of what I was primarily trying to get accomplished, I guess, in the long run.  Getting a funnel worked up that we can, I can get leads coming in and just bring them down, or bring them step by step so we can get an appointment, or go from there.

Jason:  Yeah.  And the steps that you take them through, really, you got to really understand the mindset of your prospect, like what objections do they have to have overcome in their mind?  So each step that you take them through, you want to, you know, kill an objection or give them another piece of information that they need to move closer to you.  So you design all those different steps around, you know, taking them one step closer to having that appointment with you.

Mike:  Okay.  That’s good information.

Jason:  Cool.  What other questions did you have?

Mike:  I guess the only other thing is where, what’s the best way to get a nice cheap website that you can get this going with?

Jason:  What I would actually recommend that you do is in the training program, I’ve got a module where we talk about how to outsource work to the Philippines for 2 bucks an hour.  And I actually show you how I create websites, what I do is I put them together on Microsoft Word, and I just draw little text boxes and, you know, where I want words to be, I’ll actually type in the words.  And then I’ll give a description in different areas of what kind of images and stuff that I want to have.  And I send that, excuse me, I send that Microsoft Word document to a graphic designer and then have them turn it into a Photoshop file, and then I just send that over to a web developer and they’ll slice it into html and put it up online.  You know, that’s how, that’s exactly the process we used with that Ditch Wall Street and that’s what we use with all my insurance sales leads websites.  It’s actually a lot cheaper to do it that way than it is to, you know, hire out like a web development firm or a web design firm.  It’s faster, too.

Mike:  Okay.  I have a limited budget on this, so I didn’t want to hire a web designer and spend a lot of money on it.

Jason:  Well, I have my guys, my guys work full time for me and the graphic designer’s $500 a month and my web developer I pay $675 a month.  You can go out to, and I’ve got a link in there, in the member’s website, you can go out to and you can hire these people on an hourly basis for 2 bucks an hour and just pay them for the hours it takes them to do it.  And, I mean, the graphic work, you’re talking like, you know, maybe 10, 20 hours max.  And the development work, you’re talking like, you know, 20 to 30 hours max.  So, you know, you can get a website put together for 100 bucks.

Mike:  Okay.  That’s about the only, that’s about all the questions I really had at this point.

Jason:  Okay.  Okay.  Cool.  Well, you know, if you could, you know, go through the training program, I’m going to resend you the link after this and then, you know, let me know your feedback on it because I’m still in kind of my testing phase and really, where I’m trying to go with this is really to answer one of the questions that you had on your questionnaire was, you know, I’d ask you, you know, what would you need to know about the course before you’d be willing to pay for it?  And you know, you said, “How this worked for others.”  So I’m really trying to pump a lot of people into this and get people using it and using it successfully so I can show others how it is working.  So, you know, I’d really like to be able to use you as a case study, Mike.

Mike:  Okay.  Sure.

Jason:  Cool.  Cool.  Well, I mean, any time you need anything, just shoot me an email, I’ll be happy to hop on and, on the phone or reply, that can help you along in the process.

Mike:  Okay.  Sure.  I’ll take a look at that when I get the link there and check it out for sure.

Jason:  Cool.  All right, Mike.  Well, it’s good talking to you and I hope everything goes well on this.

Mike:  Okay.  We’ll be in touch.

Jason:  All right, thanks, Mike.

Mike:  Thanks, Jason.

Jason:  All right, talk to you later.

Mike:  All right, bye.

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