Dear Insurance Selling Colleague,

You and I both know that you are here for a reason and I think I know what that reason is.

Because of the radical shift in the way that people shop for and buy insurance, you are concerned about your business’ future and are searching for ways to increase your leads and income both affordably and automatically.

You’re sick and tired of being in the poor position of chasing around and fighting for leads with multiple agents. Plus you can’t stomach forking over $150 a pop for exclusive life insurance leads that barely pan out.

You want to make sure that you, your business and your family will not only survive the financial crisis swirling around us, but actually thrive… by adding revenue streams that aren’t reliant on your labor.

Perhaps you’ve already identified leveraging the power of the internet as a potential solution to these insurance marketing problems but you are unsure about how or where to get started.

Maybe you know how to get started but you are uncertain about whether you can be successful.

Or you have done insurance marketing online at some level already and you are disappointed with the results that you’ve had. You just aren’t sure what you need to do in order to change that.

You see, what I hear over and over again from insurance agents – people who are both trying to market for themselves online and those that already are…

Is that you are frustrated, you are confused, you are overwhelmed and you are overloaded. For any or all of these reasons, you are stuck.

So you’ve been looking for someone, ANYONE who can help you in simple terms to achieve those things that you want.

But up until now, you haven’t found anyone who is up to the task and because of that you are still stuck and searching.

Well if any of that describes your situation I have one thing I want to say to you:

Congratulations, you’ve found someone with the experience and know how to show you exactly what it takes to be successful marketing online for insurance leads RIGHT NOW.

Now as you probably already know, I’ve been helping hundreds of insurance agents across the country and in Canada during the last several years.

Whenever I ask someone what they are trying to achieve through their insurance business, this is what they tell me:

I want to have the freedom to do what I want and when I want – travelling, spending time with family and hanging out with friends.

I want income that makes me financially free. Something that isn’t just a job that requires me to work in my office 50-60 hours per week and helps me grow wealthy with little effort on my part.

I want to feel certain and in control of my future.

Then when I ask these same people how it’s really going, it’s a completely different picture.

They tell me they are NOT making the money they’d like (and oftentimes are just scraping by).

They are practically married to their job. Working insane hours in the office and hardly seeing their families.

They’ve spent so much money on leads from the lead companies which haven’t panned out that they are actually embarrassed by all that they’ve wasted.

They are worried because if things continue as they are, they’ll never have what they really want.

And they are uncertain because they have no idea how to fix their situation.

That begs the question – WHY? Why are so many aspiring insurance agents struggling? Why aren’t they making the progress they need to reach their goals?

What’s missing? And what’s the difference between the few agents that do succeed marketing online and the overwhelming majority that fail?

You are going to get the answer to those questions. Because I’m going to reveal to you exactly the difference between having your ideal situation and what you have right now.

And you’ll see it’s NOT what you expected. From this website, you are going to discover:

The secrets of success to marketing online for ANYTHING, including insurance leads… along with advanced strategies you can use to leverage these to massive profits fast.

These strategies are behind the success of EVERYONE who is making money online right now. I know because I personally use them every day and so do my clients.

You’ll actually be able to use these strategies to not only generate insurance leads, but add significant additional automatic income that is 100% compliance approved.

You’ll learn how to avoid the common mistakes that cause online marketers to lose money. If you’ve been reluctant to get started because you’re afraid you’ll lose your shirt, you can finally be put at ease.

The step by step blueprint to going from 0 to 20 leads PER DAY within the next 60 days. This same blueprint can also take you from $0 to $100 PER DAY in additional automatic income.

Along with the simple, brain dead process that you can copy and profit from IMMEDIATELY.

The best part about what you’ll learn on this website is that it doesn’t matter what your age, your experience or your background is.

These insurance marketing strategies can work for ANYONE who is willing to do the little bit of work to put them into place!

Because you are here, I want you to know that I have a deep respect for you. It takes a strong person to seek help.

I believe that by coming here today, you’ve proven that you have the attitude it takes to win. With the clarity and guidance you’ll get from this website, you can succeed.

I promise that what you are going to discover here will radically change your perception of the internet.

IF you put into action what I show you…

You’ll gain the confidence to overcome the paralyzing fear of failure that prevents most people from getting started with insurance marketing online.

You’ll have the step by step blueprint to creating life altering income. The kind of money that gives you and your family security – no matter what is happening in the economy and world.

You’ll be able to have freedom – the freedom to do what you want and when you want without restrictions!

And you’ll finally be able to truly enjoy your business and most importantly, your life!

If you don’t have these strategies put in place, you’ll be left in the same position that brought you here in the first place…

Struggling, frustrated, overwhelmed and going nowhere.

Plus, you’ll be missing out on one of those opportunities that come before you only ONCE in a lifetime.

Because despite what you may believe, now is the VERY BEST time to be getting your insurance business online.

But I think you should be free to make that decision for yourself…

Now I realize that each of you has come here with a different knowledge base and objective in your quest for insurance marketing online. So what I’ve done is created multiple avenues that can lead you from where you are now to where you want to be.

If you are completely new to online marketing and you want to learn how to do it for yourself, I highly suggest that you enroll in my free video training series and check out the free tools and resources I put together for you by using the two buttons below:

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If you have a good knowledge base and are looking for new strategies, I would recommend that you visit my page dedicated to more advanced concepts:


If you are seeking solutions that are already done for you, you should check out our products and services:


The reason that I’m here is I know how frustrating agency can be – I’ve been there…I know how many agents out there are struggling to find ways to make a living by helping people protect their families. I know how insurance marketing has fundamentally changed forever and it’s making your life even more difficult than it should be. I get that and I want to take you by the hand to help you quickly and easily overcome it using the proven strategies and systems that I’ve developed. Together we can get you to where you want to be! To Your Agency Success,


Jason Hornung
Jason Hornung Agency, Inc.

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About Me

I have been a licensed insurance professional and registered representative since 2003. During that time, I've built two successful insurance agencies (one from scratch).

Since I began my insurance career, the way that life insurance marketing and marketing for insurance in general has drastically changed. I saw the writing on the wall in 2008 and began learning how to market online.

In the beginning things were tough, but now I've managed to carve out an incredible living through the power of the internet. I developed this website based off the knowledge I have gained (and continue to gain) as a resource to help insurance agents discover how to generate hot, qualified, and exclusive insurance leads online.

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