Insurance Leads – How Getting Less Will Make You More Money

insurance leads

On this page, you are going to discover how getting less insurance leads will make you more successful as an insurance agent…

But before I get into that, let me ask you an extremely important question.

What do you think are the obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals with your insurance business?

You may know this already, but in case you don’t my company has interacted with hundreds of insurance agents since 2009.

We’ve done extensive surveys to your peers, asking them specifically what they think are the problems preventing them from reaching their goals in agency.

Here’s what we see over and over again:

“I need more insurance leads”

“I don’t have enough time to do insurance marketing

“There’s so many different options, I’m confused and am not sure what to do or where to start”

“I don’t know how to build websites”

“I spent a bunch of money on a website already and I don’t get anything from it”

This may come as a shock to you, but these really aren’t your problems.  They are actually just painful symptoms of a bigger problem – that is you are being misled about marketing and it’s forcing you to become dependent on lead companies.

Yes, that’s right – you have been guided down the path to failure – NOT the path to success…

Now I realize what I just said may have been like a punch to the gut, so here’s some good news.

Absolutely none of these symptoms you’ve experienced are your fault.

Let me repeat that – none of it is your fault!  And if you hang in with me here I’ll explain why that is and who exactly is to blame for all your frustrations with your prospecting and marketing.

But even more importantly, I’m going to give you the exact steps that you need to take to quickly and easily overcome what is holding you back from getting the freedom, security and wealth you want to get out of your insurance agency.

However I have to warn you about something here.  You see, what I am about to share with you is rather controversial in nature and is likely to ruffle the feathers of some really powerful people out there.

People that don’t want you to have this information…

Which means that I can’t guarantee exactly how long this post will be online.  So I suggest that you pay real close attention to what I’ll be talking about in the next few minutes and be prepared to take action on the solution I provide you.

Because now is NOT the time to procrastinate.  Every day that goes by in which you fail to take action is a day that you become exponentially less likely to ever achieve the lifestyle you want from your insurance business.

I started off my agency career as a captive in 2003, just like most people do – completely scratch.  I had never sold insurance before and was totally green.

I bought hook, line, and sinker into the promise from my hiring manager that I would easily be making $250,000 within a few years.

He told me that all I had to do was follow what I call the old school agency formula:

1) Get a good location

2) Talk to all your family & friends about their insurance

3) Develop some centers of influence to refer me business

4) Make cold calls – including door knocking

5) Send a few letters each month

6) Ask everyone that I write for referrals

Being a young guy and not knowing any better, I plowed right in and got to work.  And the formula produced.  In the first 3 years I grew my agency by over 300 households a year and only had 1 staff member.

I made all the company awards for all lines sales, commercial sales, and life sales.  They thought I was a super star.

But secretly I was burned out…to get to this point I had worked 70+ hour weeks for those 3 years without taking a vacation.

I had a young family at home who missed me and I simply wasn’t happy.  Not to mention the fact that for all my hard work, I still only made about $4000 a month – nowhere close to a quarter million…

In fact, I actually made more money than that selling wireless phones from a kiosk in the mall before starting my agency!

And it seemed like the old school agency formula was becoming less and less effective as well…

There were numerous occasions that I contemplated just giving up and going back to selling phones in the mall…but I’m not good at quitting, and I realized that there’s one thing I couldn’t live with in life – regret.

So I set out to discover a better way of getting in front of people every day to sell them insurance.

Up until this point of my life, I actually HATED the internet and hadn’t wasted my time buying leads… but since I couldn’t afford to hire more people in my office, I decided to give the internet insurance leads a try.

I signed up with three of the biggest – NetQuote, InsWeb, and Insurance Leads thinking that I was going to be easily writing a ton of policies.

Boy was I in for a rude awakening!   The dang internet leads were harder to get a hold of than cold calling people!  Plus they were actually nastier people than those I cold called because they were getting slammed by multiple agents all fighting over their business.

At very best, I was able to close about 10% of the insurance leads I got.  The worst part was the quality of client on the ones I did actually close was even crappier than the people I got from cold calling.  I got nothing but billing problems and people who’d leave me after 6 months.

What I thought would make my life easier, just made it worse…so I shut down the internet leads and went back to the marketing drawing board.

This really was my first big business discovery:  If you don’t create consistent quality prospect flow, you’ll be stuck in the position of a deal chaser – work won’t be fun and your business won’t be growing the way you want.

I decided that ultimately what I really wanted was to attract my ideal prospects to me instead of chasing people around begging them to let me write their insurance.

So I started seeking out marketing experts in other industries that specialized in client attraction, which led me to discover Dan Kennedy.

Now if you don’t know who Dan is, he’s an incredible marketer and copy writer and you should study his methods.  His philosophy is to utilize direct mail sequences to get people contacting you to do business.  He thoroughly convinced me that this was the golden ticket to my problems.

I spent just shy of ten thousand dollars on his books, courses, seminars and those of people he also recommended.

After months of studying these strategies, I started to write my own letters and test sending them.  I tried every direct mail trick imaginable.

And I was able to generate business at a small profit.  However, it was really time consuming because I could only afford to do it in house instead of using a fulfillment firm so I still was no closer to my goals.

This is when I realized how internet insurance leads are like cocaine for insurance agents.  To keep myself busy I begrudgingly crawled back to the internet lead companies begging them to take my money.

Now I’m willing to bet that some, if not all of my experiences I just shared ring true for you too.  And if that’s the case, I have some really good news.

These circumstances prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’ve got what it takes to win in the insurance business – if you identify with any of them.

It just shows that you are misguided and are following the wrong approach right now.  And trust me, I’m NOT saying this just to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

I know it was the same underlying drive that caused these challenging times that also caused my biggest successes.

Speaking of which, you may be wondering just who I am and why you should believe a word I’m saying.

My name is Jason Hornung, I’m the President of the Jason Hornung Agency Inc.  We’re a company that’s dedicated to helping insurance agents with their prospecting and marketing problems.  I’m an active agent and registered representative myself having been in business since 2003.
On the screen, you’ll see a copy of my resident license to prove to you I’m the real deal.

I’m the author of two electronic books – The 7 Deadly Sins of Insurance Marketing & The Financial Crisis Survival Guide.  My insurance office was also recognized as a JD Power & Associates Distinguished Insurance Agency in 2006, 2007 & 2008.

In early 2009, I decided that after crawling back to the lead companies, I needed to figure out a way to beat them at their own game, so I started my quest to master online marketing.

Things didn’t go so well in the beginning, in fact I was a colossal failure.  But thankfully I’m wired in a way that I never give up and after a year of trying, I finally cracked the code to marketing for insurance online.

The strategies and systems that I have developed consistently bring in 20 or more insurance leads a day on total autopilot online.

Because of this, I now get to work from home.  I have no office staff and hardly any overhead as I’ve completely automated my business.  I’ve been able to eliminate all the headaches and frustrations I used to have as an agent.

I enjoy my work more than ever before because I’m having fun doing the things I want to do day in and day out.  My relationship with my wife and kids has never been better either!  We get to take vacations and do practically whatever we want, whenever we want.

The reason I started my training company is to make the same experiences I’ve just shared with you available to my fellow agents out there.  I totally understand what you go through every day because I’ve been there and it can really suck at times.

I know how much of a difference being able to automate your business online can make for your life and I want to help you attain that.

In fact, I put together a free video that reveals the #1 secret to generating exclusive, qualified and affordable insurance leads online.

All you have to do is click the button below to watch this video right now.

insurance leads

Ok for those of you that are still with me, now that you know about my story, let’s move on…

Just a little bit ago I had promised to reveal the evil souls who are responsible for the pain we’ve suffered, so let’s address the question:

Who’s to blame for your problems and frustrations with marketing?

Here’s the answer:  it’s the lead companies.

For those of you that were around before the advent of the lead companies, think back to how much different being an insurance agent was then.  How you had more respect, more prestige, more authority and made more money.

Retention was much, much higher and it was exponentially easier to hit your numbers and make a good living…
The lead companies have destroyed all of that and extorted you out of millions of dollars in the process!

Now you are probably wondering just how they’ve done that…

That’s a great question and let me give you the answer.
The first thing that they’ve done is to create an ultra competitive environment for agents where all you can do is sell on price alone.  And it’s all about speed – if you can’t get to that lead first you’re done and you’ve just wasted $10, $20, $100 or more…

It’s created more work for you and given you the poor positioning of a deal chaser.  You’re made out to look more like a used car salesman than the professional you truly are.

Because it’s so much easier for people to shop you on price, loyalty is no longer existent among the majority of your clients – forcing retention numbers down and your long term earnings with it.

This makes it even more critical for you to keep bringing in new clients consistently!

Here’s how it gets even worse…

You know that there’s got to be a better way – but what are your alternatives?  Everything you were taught to do – direct mail, telemarketing, networking and centers of influence are either too time consuming, expensive or just flat out don’t work anymore.

And you have to hit your numbers so you are stuck dealing with the lead companies because it generates “activity” along with a sale every now and then…

Finally you decide that you need to figure out how to do the online marketing yourself.  You start looking around for solutions and find stuff that leads you to believe it’s extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive to market online.

It’s this vicious cycle that keeps you dependent on their unqualified, cold and resold insurance leads.

Here’s a comment from one of my surveys that illustrates this point perfectly:

“I would be elated to find a way that really will generate insurance leads without having to buy them from lead companies.”

I get emails and comments just like this one all the time so if this is familiar to you, you are NOT alone.  In fact, I was snookered by the lead companies for years too – before I saw the light.

Ok, so you learned how you are getting forced into being dependent on the lead companies, so now let’s talk about how you can quickly and easily overcome that…

Insurance Prospecting – 5 Steps To Beating Lead Company Dependency

To learn more about Life Insurance Marketing, go here – Life Insurance Marketing
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