How To Market Life Insurance – A New Media Guide

Have you been racking your brain trying to figure out how to market life insurance using new media? Would you like to know a surefire, proven plan to automatically produce qualified, exclusive, life insurance appointment requests from the internet?

First off, I want you to know that you are in the same boat as about 99% of all other people who sell life insurance! However, I don’t tell you that to scare you, but to illustrate that now is the prime opportunity to get yourself established online before your competitors beat you to it…

What I am about to share with you is the exact same guide that I use (and developed) to scalp high quality life insurance leads from all corners of the internet. Now I have to warn you that these tactics I’m about to share with you are advanced and may pose some problem with your compliance department.

It will be up to you to fill in any gaps of knowledge if these concepts are above your understanding as well as ensuring that you are not breaking any of your company’s compliance rules by implementing any of these strategies. Now that the disclaimers are out of the way…

Here’s my plan for how to market life insurance leads on the internet:

1) Build two websites – This isn’t a suggestion, and as a matter of fact, you will probably want to have more than two at some point.

Just like in any form of marketing, one medium cannot perform all functions. The vast majority of people I consult with want to have one huge website that sells every single product, lets people pay their bill, etc. etc.

You should NEVER be sending people that aren’t customers yet to a site that has customer service functions. You simply can’t segregate the messaging properly. You need to start with one customer service website and one marketing website. The insurance marketing website should be used to sell only one product offering.

If your intention is to sell more than one product, you should have a marketing website for each of those.

2) Send traffic to your websites- Now that you have your website in place, you have to get targeted visitors to the website so that you can turn them into leads and then sales.

Here are the different types of traffic that you can choose from. It will be up to you to learn about each of these individually and determine what is best for you. I will help you by saying that you should have more than one traffic source to be successful.

– Pay Per Click (PPC)
– Pay Per View (PPV)
– Article Marketing
– Video Marketing
– Social Media
– Social Bookmarking
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Media Buying

3) Follow up marketing – Your websites should be integrated with an email auto responder system that prospects can “opt in” to for some free content like a newsletter, report, or video that helps them.

4) Testing process – You will need to set up some way to track the visitors to your site(s), analyze the actions they take, and apply tweaks to optimize the conversions on your website.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Here’s how to get the majority of this done for you:

My team of professionals know intimately how to market life insurance and frankly any kind of insurance online.  I have an entire suite of products and services that can help you with any aspect of getting your online marketing system up and running.

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