How to Generate Exclusive, Qualified Life Insurance Leads On The Internet – Part 2 of 5

Welcome to part two of this five part series.  If you haven’t read the first part yet, I highly recommend doing that before you dive into this article.

In this segment we are going to cover everything you need to know about developing a high quality offer and a strategy on how you can use your offer.  So let’s get moving!
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The very first step you need to go through when developing your offer is to put yourself into the shoes of your prospect.

Who is your ideal prospect?  Who has bought from you in the past?  What are their commonalities?  What big problem in their lives does my product/service solve?  What are the main benefits to a person from my product?

This is absolutely essential stuff here, so don’t gloss over it.  Failure to really think these areas through is where the vast majority fall short.  I tend to focus on the main problem that the product solves because studies have shown that people will take action to avoid potential pain more than they will to get a perceived gain.

Now once you figure this out, you can develop your concept for your offer around it.  Let’s look at an example using Universal Life Insurance…

What are the big problems people face that Universal Life Insurance can solve?

Death benefit solutions:

– Pay off debts
– Provide income for family
– Maintain family’s lifestyle
– Pay for kids’ college

Living benefit solutions:

– Tax free growth of money
– Guaranteed growth of money
– Participate in upside potential of market without the downside risk (Equity Indexed UL only)

As you can see there are some hot issues the vast majority of people are facing right now that this product can solve.

So let me ask you – should your offer be for a life insurance meeting/appointment/quote or “how to get guaranteed tax-free growth of your money”.

Alright, we have settled on the concept of your offer, now all you need to do is make it a reality.  There are two basic ways to develop your offer – you can explain how Universal Life Insurance provides guaranteed tax-free growth of money in an ebook or you can make it into a video.  An understanding of your own skill sets and technical abilities will be needed here…

And before you start to write this off saying “I can’t write an ebook or make a video” let me tell you write now that if you can give a sales presentation on Universal Life Insurance, then you can make that presentation into a few page ebook or a few slides on a powerpoint!

I also promised you that I would go over a strategy for using this offer.  Basically what you want to do is use this offer as what is called a lead magnet to get a prospect to give you their email address in exchange for your offer.

You’ll do this by setting up a webpage that requires entering that information before the prospect gets access to another page containing your offer.  We’ll go over setting this up in the next segment.

Here’s an alternative for those who want to get their own leads online without doing all the work –

I’ve created a complete system for generating life insurance leads online so you don’t have to figure out all of this by yourself.  I’m holding a webinar this Thursday that explains it in detail –Click Here to Register
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To learn more about Life Insurance Marketing, go here – Life Insurance Marketing
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