Exclusive Life Insurance Leads – 2 Surefire Ways to Start Getting Your Own Leads Online!




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Are you an insurance professional who is sick and tired of the garbage “leads” that come out of these online lead generation companies? Would you like to know how to get exclusive life insurance leads flowing into your office on autopilot?

Well good, after reading this article you will be equipped with the tools you need to leverage the masses looking for insurance on the internet and grow your business substantially…

But before I get into the details of generating exclusive life insurance leads online, I want you to know that I’ve been in your shoes. I wasted thousands of dollars over the years on the false promises the lead companies give – until I discovered the secrets I’m about to share with you!

Here’s what works to attract leads like bees to honey:

Facebook – As I’m writing this article, over half a BILLION people now have a Facebook profile! That’s insane considering it just came on the scene a few short years ago. However, smart marketers recognize these trends and use them to their advantage.

If you don’t have a personal Facebook profile already, you need to sign one up right now. Once you have that done (or if you do already) you are going to create a group within Facebook. You do this from the home page by clicking on the group link on the left.

You will want to get creative with your group name – don’t just call it your agency name. Think of things in terms of benefits to your prospects. So if you are selling whole life insurance, you might want to call your group “No Risk No Taxes Financial Alternative” or something of that nature. If you can incorporate hot buttons from society, it will help a ton.

Once you finish setting up the group, you are going to invite all of your friends to join. Let them know that the main purpose of your group is to provide content and educate the people who join. Interact with the people who join the group for at least 2 weeks before you start to give them marketing messages. Then simply weave those into the natural conversations you are having.

In just a short time, you will have appointments every single week. This strategy will take some time and dedication to make work, but it sure beats going to a bunch of networking meetings (and it’s basically the same thing)! Plus, if you are a captive agent, most companies will allow you to use Facebook for marketing.

Build a lead generating website- This strategy will take more time to set up than the Facebook option, and you might have problems if you are a captive, but this option can be automated and will produce results faster.

There’s a five step process involved with building your website:

1) Develop a concept around the product that you are going to promote.

2) Develop how you are going to obtain your leads.

3) Develop how you are going to convert the leads into appointments.

4) Develop how you are going to attract people to your website.

5) Test, tweak, and optimize the whole process until your site gives you all the exclusive life insurance leads you can handle.

Now I realize that this is just an overview of the entire process.  What I’ve done is put together a program that details out exactly what you do in each of these five steps.  It also will show you how to outsource all the work to people for on $2/hr so you don’t have to know any technical stuff.
You can get all the details on my program by visiting this page:  click here
To learn more about Life Insurance Marketing, go here – Life Insurance Marketing
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