Consumer Confidence in Life Insurance Soaring

I just wanted to write a real quick post about an article I read on another site. The author talks about recent surveys that are showing soaring figures of consumer confidence in life insurance.

In particular as seeing life insurance as a viable option for financial planning purposes. People are tired of the Wall Street Casino and just want safe havens where they can grow their money guaranteed.

The author did not cite the stats, so I sent a request to get them for you to review, but if you want to check out the article, you can read it – click here.

Now that the time is ripe to generate sales of permanent life insurance, the only question that needs to be answered is “how to get in front of high quality, targeted people”?

I firmly believe that the internet is the answer to that question, which is why I developed the Agent’s Lead Machine websites.  I’m currently working with several clients along with my test agents to optimize and improve the websites to generate huge amounts of the best appointment requests for life insurance.

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