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Here are the numbers I had in my office when it came to buying internet leads:

3 leads per day
90 leads per month
$15/lead (life insurance)

90 X $15 = $1350/ month spent on leads

My closing ratio on these leads was 10%

90 X 10% = 9 clients

My average policy premium was $50/month

My average commission rate was 25% (I sold a lot of term off purchased leads & was captive at the time).

$50 X 12 months X 25% = $150 average commission per sale.

9 sales X $150 commission = $1350 income per month.

I went nearly 3 years before I sat down and did the math to realize that I was at best breaking even with my internet leads.

And when I also factored in the 15% 1st year cancel rate, I was actually losing money!

Here’s my numbers once I started generating my own leads:

1 lead per day
30 leads per month
$35/lead (life insurance)

30 X $35 = $1050/ month spent on leads

My closing ratio on these leads was 80%

30 X 80% = 24 clients

My average policy premium was $125/month

My average commission rate was 40% (I sold a lot of perm off my own leads).

$125 X 12 months X 40% = $600 average commission per sale.

24 sales X $600 commission = $14,440 income per month.

My first year cancel rate also improved to only 5%.

So even though I got fewer leads and paid more per lead, the leads were much higher quality and resulted in me profiting over $10K per month!

Now I’m sure that you are getting a much better commission rate than what I did, so you can only imagine what kind of ROI you can get…

That’s why the smart agents are coming out in droves to start generating their own leads. They’ve finally gotten sick of all the crap from the lead companies.

Don’t you want your own exclusive leads too?

It’s really not that hard… if you know what to do.  And you take action and stick with it.

There are quite a few tricks that you need to be aware of to.  That’s why I put together this free video that reveals the #1 secret to generating exclusive, qualified and affordable insurance leads online.

Just click the button below and you can watch the video, it will be totally worth your time!


Exciting New Lead Generation Discoveries

Posted by admin On December - 15 - 2010

It’s been a while since I last posted here as I’ve been locked away testing and refining new lead generation processes and helping my clients to become super successful with getting leads online.

Recently I have made some exciting new discoveries that I had to take a moment and share with you before the end of the year.

It has to do with generating exclusive cash value life insurance leads from websites with video.  Two big things have increased the amount of leads and decreased the cost of these leads in our testing.

1) Simplicity of the website – we’ve been testing multitudes of layouts and designs to find the right fit and discovered that plain & simple websites are by far the best.

2) Short and to the point videos – we’ve tested about 20 different video lengths and discovered that a 6 – 8 minute video is most effective.

These two discoveries have resulted in the cost of leads lowering to $35!

And we’re getting a high volume of these leads too – here’s proof:

The next exciting thing is that we are able to get appointments with 30% of these leads the same day by calling them immediately when the lead comes in.  These appointments are closing sales at an 80% rate with $4000 as the average commission.

The 14 leads pictured cost less than $500 and resulted in over $16,000 of 1st year commissions!!!

What does all this mean for you?

I’m putting everything together in a new package and practically “giving away the farm”…

It will include the exact advertisements, exact webpages, exact videos, exact emails that are responsible for the results I’ve shared with you above.  As well as detailed instructions on how to accomplish it all.

The price for this package will be a total steal that I’ll be revealing once the new year hits.  I just wanted to give you a sneak peek into this right now so you can be ready to take action when the slow sales in January come around.

But for now enjoy Christmas!

Let me know if you have any questions.




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