Do People “Like” You? How Social Signals Affect Selling Insurance Now

I spend quite a bit of time perusing sites like Producer’s Web to see what topics on selling insurance are trending among my peers so that I can be timely with the information I provide. One of the most prevalent items I see is from guys and gals that want to figure out how to […]

Case Study – Generating Insurance Leads Online

A really interesting question came into one of my surveys that I am sure is on the mind of most of you that read my emails and website.  So I decided to write up a post about it to help clarify this issue. Here’s what I go: “Do you have some sort of case study […]

How To Get Free Insurance Training – Marketing On The Internet

I’ve been getting a considerable amount of requests from people who want direct, one on one help with getting their online insurance marketing systems set up and running. Also people have been asking quite a bit for one on one time just to get questions answered or to clarify certain points… Now it’s simply not […]

The Full Scoop – How To Generate Leads For Insurance Online

  If you look around my site for any length of time, you’ll notice the survey in the sidebar.  The last question I ask is “what can I do to knock your socks off”. Just the other day, I got this as a response to that very question: “Show me how to generate leads without […]

What Really Constitutes A Qualified Insurance Lead?

I got this response on a survey where I asked the question:  what’s your most important question about generating insurance leads online? “How to get a qualified insurance lead, one that’s hungry for my solutions.” In this post, I’m going to give you the answer to that and I guarantee you that it’s something that […]

Insurance Marketing Ideas

    I just read an interesting article over on the NY Times website.  Click here to read it for yourself. The article is about how the health insurance companies are putting on a full court press with new, creative and re-positioned insurance marketing campaigns in preparation of Obamacare going live. They are also stepping […]

Insurance Sales – Advanced Life Process Guaranteed To Close Big Cases!

In this post I have a real treat for you.  I’m going to hand over the exact life insurance sales process that I developed to close big cases consistently. This system is what is directly responsible for me being at the top of my company in life sales year in and year out. There are […]

Insurance Websites – 3 Strategic Pillars Fundamental To Success

I’ve discovered 3 strategic pillars that are fundamental to the success of anyone who wants to market online. But before I get into those, you should know that the assumption here is that you already understand that having insurance websites are essential… I’m NOT going to be talking about building a website here today – […]

Insurance Leads – How Getting Less Will Make You More Money

On this page, you are going to discover how getting less insurance leads will make you more successful as an insurance agent… But before I get into that, let me ask you an extremely important question. What do you think are the obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals with your insurance business? You may […]

Selling Life Insurance

When I first started selling life insurance, I really got caught up in trying to figure out what the best policy was for my clients.  I’d hear other agents talking all the time about how term was the best or whole was the best, some said universal… These guys would always try to sell every […]

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