Online Insurance Marketing Strategies That Work

I have a handful of clients that I am working directly with through my Elite Group Coaching package to help them implement the insurance marketing strategies that I teach in my Agent’s Lead Machine Internet Marketing Mastery program. Below you will find the transcript of one of these coaching calls done in August of 2012.  […]

Financial Advisor Training – Using Facebook & Linked In To Get Leads

Below you will find the transcript of a financial advisor training session I conducted with my client Robert Eldridge out of Las Vegas. He’s in the process of just launching his initial marketing campaign to test out the offer he created to generate cash value life insurance leads online using my Agent’s Lead Machine system. […]

How To Create An Online System To Generate Insurance Agent Leads

Below you will find a transcript from a coaching call I did with my client Russ Sims, who is an agent in Seattle.  We are discussing how to use the Agent’s Lead Machine system to start generating insurance agent leads as quickly as possible. Just so you know, these coaching calls are normally $97 each […]

Everything You Need To Know About Online Annuity Marketing

Below you will find the transcript from a coaching call I did with my client Robert Eldridge, who is an agent in Las Vegas, on 7-19-2012 where we discuss his annuity marketing system that he currently had online. We also went into detail about how get him set up using my Agent’s Lead Machine Internet […]

How To Start Successfully Marketing For Insurance Online

Below you will find a transcript from a jump start coaching call I did with my client Keith Harding – he’s an agent in the DC area. Keith is an Agent’s Lead Machine member.  If you want to start successfully marketing for insurance online like Keith… Then you need to get involved with ALM too!  […]

Get Insurance Sales Leads By Building An Online Lead System

Below you will find a transcript from a jump start coaching call I did with my client Mike Sojka – he’s an agent in Iowa. Mike is an Agent’s Lead Machine member.  If you want to accomplish setting up your own online insurance marketing system like Mike… Then you need to get involved with ALM […]

Are They Quality Exclusive Insurance Leads?

  This question came into my survey recently and I thought it would make sense to address it for all of you reading my blog. “Are they quality exclusive insurance leads?” This question really got me thinking that people are seriously confused about what this website is for along with needing some major clarification on […]

Understanding The Economics Of Online Insurance Lead Generation

The whole purpose of this website and the products and services that I offer are to teach insurance professionals how to do online insurance lead generation for themselves as a way to end the dependency upon the lead companies. I firmly believe that it’s that dependency on the lead companies which is killing the businesses […]

How To Sell Insurance Using Powerful Stories

I started off my agency career as a captive. If you’ve ever worked as a captive agent or are familiar with the corporate culture of captive insurance companies, you’ll know how much of an importance they place on putting up big life insurance sales numbers. What’s funny is that I’ve had the pleasure of working […]

Leverage People Fleeing Wall Street Into Life Insurance Leads!

  The Age Old Insurance Agent Dilemma Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last two years, you are certainly aware of the vast amounts of people (and their money) leaving the stock market and Wall Street behind for safe, secure investments. A large portion of these people have no idea what to […]

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