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Below you will find the transcript from a coaching call I did with my client Robert Eldridge, who is an agent in Las Vegas, on 7-19-2012 where we discuss his annuity marketing system that he currently had online.

We also went into detail about how get him set up using my Agent’s Lead Machine Internet Marketing Mastery program to accomplish his online insurance marketing goals.

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Jason:  Okay, cool.  So I mean, I got your reply on the questionnaire, so you know, why don’t you fill me in a little bit more on what you’ve got right now.  Because I mean, you know, if we take something that you’ve got that’s working and we enhance, that’s probably the best place to start for you.  So fill me in on what you’re doing with annuity marketing.

Robert:  Okay.  So on the annuity for, I designed the educational website, and there’s Google ads on it, and, you know, it covers the ring central numbers and, you know, the cost of the hosting every month, and my newsletter.

What I wanted to do, it’s called AnnuityCampus.com, on the top right I’ve got a book that I use to also get people to, you know, sign up basically for the free book.  And then I also have a newsletter that they sign up for as well.

Jason:  Okay.  Great.

Robert:  That’s how I capture those two leads, plus people just call me.  So I have that, and what I was wanting to do was to work more in the life insurance part of it.

Jason:  Okay.

Robert:  And I don’t know if I should start a new website, different content or what.  Again, I’m somewhat knowledgeable, but, however, all the stuff in videos I watched with your stuff yesterday, I just was kind of overwhelmed.

Jason:  Okay.

Robert:  You know, and I need a domain and, you know, hosting, I get it, and then it’s like, okay, then what?  You know, how do I set up the site?  I’m not that skilled at doing it the right way, you know?

And so what I was thinking, after I would talk to you, I just want to know, you know, I know you’ve been doing this a while with different brokers, what do you think is more effective?  Like going after term insurance on auto pilot or just going after the cash value, or do both?

Jason:  Well, I mean, you can actually do both.  What I’d recommend that you do is just start off with one at a time.  And usually I recommend going after something with cash value life in the get-go.

Robert:  Okay.

Jason:  Because, you know, the first thing that you want to do is develop a concept that you use to sell the product.  That’s going to be, that’s like the number one key to doing anything with marketing, is having a unique concept that speaks, it’s got to speak to a desperate problem that the prospect has in their life.

Robert:  Yeah.

Jason:  And the concept is solving that problem for them in a unique way that they really haven’t heard before.

Robert:  Well, like I actually teach the Infinite Banking Concept, and I really like that because it eliminates, you know, people losing their money in the market or having to wait until 59-1/2 to take out their money, and all the other good stuff, you know, financing your own vehicles, and things like that.  And that sounds like it’s more up my sleeve.  I just thought that term would be easy because you could just throw a search engine up there or accordion engine and people just buy it while you’re sleeping or whatever, you know.  But you’re saying do the cash value policies first and then maybe a term site later?

Jason:  Yeah.  That’s what I’d recommend.  And yes, if you’re familiar with the Infinite Banking Concept, really what I would do is take a twist off of that.  Because that works.  I mean, it’s already proven to work.  So you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Robert:  Okay.  Okay.  Well, that’s good because I was thinking, well, maybe, you know, this is, because, you know—when I’m watching these videos and testimonials, it’s almost hard to believe, you know, because again, I used to recruit thousands of brokers, I still have some recruiting stuff, but, you know, there’s always that BS factor when someone tells me they’re getting 20 leads a day.

Jason:  Yeah.

Robert:  You know?  And not that I don’t believe these guys, but I don’t know what they’re doing or their level of knowledge to make that happen, because there’s always the rock stars and groupies, and the rock stars might have some other knowledge on how to set this up so they’re getting that.  I don’t know, you know, right now I’m, just consider me a baby when it comes to everything in annuity marketing, even though I’m have a lot of experience, I’m not doing what you’re doing.  So, I just want to—

Jason:  Sure.  Sure.  Well, you know, and a lot of those people, too, what they’re doing is they’re expanding out what they’re doing with their marketing and they’re doing stuff that’s outside of their local area and then they’re selling off leads that they generate outside of their local area.

Robert:  Okay.

Jason:  So that’s, I mean, that’s one thing that I show all my clients how to do is, you know, once you get really good at it and you’ve got your numbers figured out, you can start marketing outside of your area, and there’s some pretty easy ways that you can quickly turn around and sell those leads and then you just, you know, you take the spread.  So you generate the lead for 5 bucks and then you sell it for 20 or whatever, and, you know, you keep the difference.

Robert:  Well, I mean, that’s something I’m definitely interested in because of the website presence.  You know, I’m selling insurance all over the country.  So, I live in Las Vegas and right now the market, I definitely want to dominate it here, but I also want to have exposure to all over the country.  So I already know that’s what I want, you know, I want to do both, because that’s what’s working for me.

Jason:  Cool.

Robert:  So, and I’m getting, you know, I just need to tweak what I’m doing and what you’re providing is really going to help me out, I just, I’m a little overwhelmed on how to do it and get it set up and what direction I need to go, but I definitely want a national presence and I really want to work the hell out of it.

Jason:  Sure.  Well, I mean, really what you’ll want to do is, we’ll set up your online lead funnel, and then you just start driving your traffic to the site using geotargeting that’s local to you, and then you can expand out in each market as you want.  You don’t have to, you know, change your websites or anything like, you just change where you’re actually setting your ads.

Robert:  Oh, okay.  So you’re saying it would be local first, okay, and then expand out.  Okay.

Jason:  Yep.

Robert:  All right, I’m just writing down some notes, okay.  Okay.  So basically where do I go from here?  I mean, I’d like to generate those leads, you know, like you guys, which, you know, I wouldn’t say in 20 a day, I’d be happy to get 5 a day, but, man, really, I mean, you know, I’m not going to, you know, whatever, I mean, I’ll do what I got to do, because they’re saying 30 days, which sounds really good to me.

Jason:  Yeah, so, okay, so the first thing is to get that concept developed and then, so you’ve already got a good idea of what you want to do there.  So you just need to solidify how you’re going to present that concept.  You know, what twists are you going to put on Infinite Banking to make it your own and make it unique?  That’s the first thing you have to decide.

Robert:  Well, the concept—

Jason:  Once you’ve—

Robert:  I need to write that out, is what you’re saying, right?

Jason:  Yeah, yeah.  Write it out, so you know exactly what it is.  And it needs to be something that, you know, when people see it, it’s unique, but they can understand that it’s going to solve their problem right away.

Robert:  Okay.  That sounds good.  I can definitely, I’ve published 360 articles.

Jason:  Oh, awesome.

Robert:  I don’t have a problem writing.

Jason:  That’ll be easy for you.

Robert:  **** look over it and change it because if I think it looks good, it probably is not, so, you know.  But I’m not afraid to write that down.  So, okay, write out the concept, okay.

Jason:  Yep.  And then you want to decide what your offer is going to be.  So, you know, what are you going to offer to people to get them to, you know, give your information, basically.  And along with that, you have to decide what your offer strategy is going to be.

So there’s two approaches that people will take.  One is to go straight for getting them to request an appointment with you.  And typically what the advisors and agents I work with will want to do is they’ll want to gather a bunch of information on the form on their website, so, you know, like how much money do you want to invest and all these other additional questions, so the lead is more qualified.  So that’s one strategy.

The other strategy is to get them to do something similar to what you’re doing on your annuity site where you get them to opt in for a report or maybe some videos or whatever you want to give them that ties into the concept and then you use your email autoresponder to drip on them and get them to end up requesting an appointment over time, after consuming a certain amount of content from you.

Robert:  Okay.  Yeah, because I could do that, I mean, the other system is set up with the books, so I could have a, well, like probably a landing page on that one already, and I can do, I can insert a video, which I prefer to do.  Kind of talk about, “Hey, by the way you’re here because you’re looking at different concepts for life insurance, whatever it is.  But the way, on the top left of the website, go ahead and click the books so you can access that for free,” and then, you know, whatever the offer is.  But I think it should already be the book, because I already have that out there.

Jason:  Perfect.  Perfect.  You just got to make sure that whatever you’re offering them, it has to tie into the concept and it has to further the sale.  It has to get them closer to the point of, or actually taking the action of having an appointment with you, which is really the ultimate action that you want them to take.

Robert:  You know what I’m thinking?  Now that I’m thinking about it, I just had a lot of good luck using videos so what I, I don’t know how I could do it, but I could do, you know, a series of videos that they’ll get over 10 days about whatever the concept is going to be, versus writing it down.  And then can you insert a video into Aweber to have that sent out?

Jason:  No, what you’ll want to do is have a separate page on your website and you put the video on the page, and then you create a short email, put it in Aweber and link it over to that page.

Robert:  Oh, okay.  So in other words, it’ll be a private page and the only way they can do it is if they enter their information and they get an email with the link to it?

Jason:  Correct.

Robert:  Okay.  Yeah, I can do that.  Because I’d rather do it with videos, so I can definitely just make different pages for different videos.  I mean, I’ve done—

Jason:  Awesome.  Awesome, that’s great.  And what you want to do is make sure that you have a way for them to take the next step, because each person is going to be ready at a different point in the process.  So like each of those videos that you do, you should kind of use it to further advance their knowledge of the concept, and then also use it to squash an objection that they’re going to have.

Robert:  Okay.  So, yeah, there you go, further advance the concept and that’s what you were saying yesterday, or not yesterday, when I was going through your website, what was it?  What was the term?  Destroy your enemies or something?

Jason:  Yeah.  The destroy the enemies of success, yeah.

Robert:  Yeah, because the biggest thing that I’ve had on some of them were, you know, “Well, I’ll buy it when Dave Ramsey decides to buy it,” you know?

Jason:  Yeah.  That’s a bunch of crap.

Robert:  Yeah, and I’m like, well, first of all, he doesn’t know how these work.  And then number two, that’s because he’s selling his own pot of tricks, and I would know because I applied to be a coach with him.

Jason:  Well, you know, and what you’ll be able to do, Robert, is if you go out to BankOnYourself.com and look at what Pamela Yellin’s doing, I’d really kind of just mimic a lot of the stuff that she’s doing and put your own twist on it.  I mean, she’s talking about, you know, she’s bashing Suze and Dave, you know, right off the get-go because that’s a huge objection that people have.

Robert:  Yeah, “Suze Orman says this,” I go, “Suze owns, she’s getting paid to sell term and she also owns an investment firm in LA.”

Jason:  Yeah, exactly.  And I mean, they have all kinds of statistics and data that you’ll be able to use in your own videos and presentations as proof sources.

Robert:  Oh, okay.

Jason:  So, I mean, they’ve done all the research for you, I mean, you can just basically grab everything that you’ll need off of there.  I mean, you don’t need, because they’re using data and statistics, you can take those, you don’t have to, you don’t have to give her credit for anything.  You know, just put it in your own order and don’t copy the exact language that they’re using when they’re talking about it, and you’re good to go.

Robert:  Right.  So, I guess on the landing page that I can put on my site, the thing I’m confused about, whether it be video or, you know, I could talk about some problems, whatever it is, and then I got to have a call to action to sign up for whatever.  I have to put a form in there.

Jason:  Yeah.

Robert:  And then they fill out the form and then it connects to Aweber and then Aweber starts sending all my different video links.

Jason:  Correct.  Correct.

Robert:  Well, that’s perfect.  I like doing video, it takes a little bit longer, but I like it, because people like to see face to face and I can create a different web page for each one of those videos.  Okay.  So I got that.

Now, would you recommend me doing a new site for that or just use the one I got?  Because you know, on AnnuityCampus.com, I make it very simple to navigate as much as possible.  But I do have a shit-load of pages dedicated to life insurance, term, and whole life.  I can make a new page in there just for like that landing page.  Or should I leave this for just annuity marketing? You know what I mean?

Jason:  Yeah, I do.  I think you might be confusing people with the domain, is the thing.  It should be exclusive to annuity marketing in my opinion.

Robert:  Okay.  That’s what I was—

Jason:  Is the thing.

Robert:  That’s what I was getting at.  So I guess the next part is, the part that I’m not going to really do myself would be the, you know, getting a new site, getting all the Aweber and everything talking to each other with the landing page, basically just setting up the whole system at the whole get-go.  Because I only know that one system, I don’t know how to do it myself using, you know, Hostgator, or whoever, you know?

Jason:  Sure, sure.

Robert:  So I guess that’s—

Jason:  **** problem, I mean, always, I mean, part of the bonus that we offered to you when you bought is the technical set up of all that stuff.  So I mean, what we’ll do in the next coaching call is, you know, I’ll take a look at all the stuff that you’re putting together and I’ll help you refine it and then we can get your landing page laid out.  And, you know, if you got your hosting set up and Aweber set up, I can get the access instructions from you and I can just have my developer go and set that all up for you.

Robert:  I’ll get Hostgator set up, I’ll get a domain, and then you say Aweber, I’ll get that set up.

Now, when it comes to the name of this, since I’m doing cash value, do you recommend not using something with life insurance in the domain?

Jason:  Correct.  You don’t want to spill the beans on life insurance until after they’ve opted in.

Robert:  Okay.  So it’ll just be a generic name, okay.

Jason:  And you want to get your domain to line up with your, with your concept, too.  So that’s why it’s so important to develop that concept first.  Just like you are doing with your annuity marketing site.

Robert:  Okay.  So I’ll get a generic name and then the next thing would be—what the hell, I just lost my train of thought.  Hosting, domain name, generic name, so basically you’re just saying, just get it started and we’ll get going.  I’ll get the domain, the hosting, Aweber, all that set up.  And I could probably have this done by this weekend and then what would be the next step after that?

Jason:  All right.  So when you get all that stuff together, shoot me an email and we’ll schedule your second free coaching call.

Robert:  Okay.

Jason:  And shoot me all that stuff and I’ll review it, we’ll go over it on the coaching call and I’ll help you refine it all, and then I can get stuff over to my developers and have them, you know, throw up your pages.

Are you familiar with WordPress?  Have you used WordPress at all?

Robert:  Yeah, I have in the past.  I had some issues with it, but yeah.

Jason:  Okay.  Specifically what we do is we build our sites out on WordPress, just because, you know, if you want to add pages, it’s super easy.

Robert:  Yeah.  ****

Jason:  What’s that?

Robert:  WordPress.net, right?

Jason:  WordPress.org is the self-hosted version.  But you don’t need to worry about that, because my guys will go, they’ll set up the WordPress install and then do, we’ll do the custom install of your pages over it.  But then when you want to add new pages to the site, all you got to do is log into the admin panel on the back end and click “add a page” or “add a post” and you’ll put the stuff in there, it’s super easy.

Robert:  What you’re telling me to do is pretty easy, hosting, domain, get Aweber set up, and then as far as solving the problem, is that what you’re talking about, it’s going to be on the website, or is that going to be what we’re talking about on the Aweber stuff?

Jason:  Yeah.  So actually kind of both.  So that first video that you’re going to put on your landing page, where you’re capturing their email?  We’re going to put a headline above that, that speaks to that problem.

Robert:  Okay.

Jason:  And then that video is going to be a real short video where we want to capture their attention, so you’re going to capture their attention by explaining the problem, promising a solution, and then giving them a call to action opt-in.  So I mean, it’s a real short video.

Robert:  Okay.  Promising solutions, and then call to action, okay.

Jason:  Yep.

Robert:  Okay.  That might be the part I’ll probably screw up though, because, you know, in my mind, I’ll be like, “Oh, you have a problem with this, and then here’s the solution,” and, you know, especially in the video because I don’t want to say too much.  So what I’ll probably do is write it out first.

Jason:  Yep.

Robert:  And then maybe you could tweak it and then when I actually do the video itself and I could tweak it and just talk about that in itself, okay.

Jason:  Yeah, script everything out and then send that to me and I’ll tweak it and we’ll go over it on your next coaching call.

Robert:  Which email address do you want me to send it to?

Jason:  Send everything to support[at]safemoneyoption[dot]com.

Robert:  Okay.

Jason:  No, actually, you know what?  Okay, I just saw that you did register, you can actually send that to my personal account.  That’s for all the coaching stuff.

Robert:  Okay.  ********************.  Option?

Jason:  Yep.  Option, yep.

Robert:  Okay.  All right.  I’ll start working on it and then I’ll probably get most of it done by this weekend, and I’m looking forward to working with you.  Like I said, I spent some money taking classes on this a couple years ago and my annuity marketing site’s more than made up for what I spent in, you know, time and effort.  But I need to take it to the next level without breaking the bank.  So, I just want you to know I think you’re doing a hell of a great job.

Jason:  Oh, thank you.

Robert:  I don’t know you, but it looks like your system is just awesome, you got all kinds of things and you’re taking someone from, you know, zero to hero real quick, it looks like.

Hey, by the way, where are you located?

Jason:  I’m actually in Tucson, Arizona.

Robert:  Oh, okay.  I actually might relocate down there.  I’m trying not to, but I was looking at Phoenix, around Scottsdale.  But my vision, you know, what I’m looking at doing is trying to automate as much as possible, but I do want to relocate, maybe, you know, to LA or somewhere else six months out of the year type of thing.  Because the nice thing about doing internet business, you don’t need to be in one spot.

Jason:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.

Robert:  That’s kind of why my business goal has been to automate as much as possible and do business no matter where I’m at.  So I’m looking to really jump in this and make it happen and then taking it to, a probably second, third, fourth, fifth different level down the road.

All right, bud, I appreciate your time today and I’ll get this going and I’ll email you the, you want me to email you the hosting, domain information, log in, and Aweber information log in, correct?

Jason:  That’s correct, yep.

Robert:  And along with a simple script of what’s going to be on the landing page and then you’ll probably tweak the hell out of it and tell me what’s good or bad.  I really like doing the videos and so I want a really good foundation, especially on that landing page, because without that, it’s not going to work, so that one needs to be perfect.  And then the next ones I can do easy, you know, based upon that.

So anyway, I really appreciate what you’re doing, man, I think this is, was a really good investment on my part.

Jason:  Oh, yeah, no, I appreciate you, your confidence in me and we’re here to help you get to where you want to be so we’ll take you there.

Robert:  Well, like I said, I still have a lot of brokers that I do business with, so they do through me for annuities and life insurance and what I want to do is take this and actually show them as the results and use it as a recruiting tool as well.

Jason:  Oh, cool.

Robert:  And so I’m looking at this as a, well, not only as a recruiting tool, but a lot of these guys, after the years, I just became really good friends with, you know, around the country.  And it’d be nice to say, “Hey, look, you know, I didn’t break the bank doing this, this is exactly how much it cost and what, this is what’s providing, do you want to do this as well?”  And then, you know, we all make money together, you know?

Jason:  Absolutely.  Yeah, that’s a great strategy.

Robert:  Yeah, yeah, I got some other stuff like fractional life settlements that are paying 5-16% and people are liking that, so I want to be able to use that in different alternative investment classes, too.

All right, man, well, I appreciate it.  I’m going to get off the phone now.  And I really want to thank you for your time today, I’m really looking forward to getting this thing going with you.

Jason:  Awesome.  So yeah, once you get that stuff through, I’ll shoot you some times where we can get that second coaching call and we’ll get the stuff set up for you and get you going.

Robert:  You got it, buddy.  Thank you, Jason.

Jason:  All right.  Take care.

Robert:  All right, bye bye.

Jason:  Bye.

I posted this coaching call transcript for a couple of reasons.

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